Cocktails in Movies #1: Imperial Martini

Oh, the joy of Movies! Nothing entertains, educates, and inspires us more than a good movie. It provides a much-needed escape from the hardships of daily life. A mental diversion from the mundane daily existence that takes us to a world that we can imagine. While Movies have taught us how to love, laugh, and …

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What’s in a name: The story of how the iconic gin cocktail got its name: The Tom Collins

Created in the late 1800s, the roots of this refreshing cocktail lie in a very rowdy period of London’s bar history. The idea of mixing a Gin Punch with soda water was introduced to London by a New Yorker called Stephen Price, who had moved to London to manage the Covent Garden Theater. He then …

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Sazerac: A beguiling drink not to be trifled with

Sazerac, a cocktail that is so closely associated with New Orleans that in 2008 it was declared as the city’s official cocktail. Until recently, the most popularly believed story of the Sazerac cocktail was one in which it supposedly underwent quite a few changes from when its journey began in New Orleans. Circa 1840, Sewell …

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The heavyweight champion of cocktails that demands respect: The Manhattan

This truly classic drink that survived various historical upheavals like prohibitions, wars and the great depression is also the first cocktail that used Vermouth as a modifier long before the Rob Roy, Bobby Burns, and Martini. We first hear of the Manhattan cocktail in an article written in 1882 about a cocktail called The Manhattan …

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